What type of party will TDB not play? The type this bass player admits to attending….

We’ve said that we would love to play your party, and listed some of the types of parties we have played in the past or would love to play in the future.  From your typical pool party to your graduation party. We will play your bar mitzvah party, or if you are not coming of age, maybe you are coming out (of the closet), and that would be an interesting gig too…

However, please do not ask to hire us for your next SNUFF PARTY. No, it has nothing to do with tobacco. 

Former Scorpions bass player, Ralph Rjeckermann stated in a video that he had attended snuff parties in the past.

In the video, this bassist says he attended a party once where he saw, “really bad s***” and when asked by TMZ if it was a donkey show, he said “No, they actually killed people there and stuff. They pay up to $100,000 to see people get…”   Well, go watch the video….

Please, call us at 864.979.1224 and book your next Greenville or Upstate area party, as long as it is not a snuff party.

UPDATE: The Dockside Band is no more… But, for a fun and funky, dance and party band for your Upstate area event, be sure to check out the new HOT AS A PEPPER site!