The Dockside Band is #1 in the Greenville area on ReverbNation!

ReverbNation is where just about every band, musical act, music artist, songwriter and even poet turns to in order to expose themselves to the world.

The Dockside Band is on there and we have moved up to the #1 spot in Greenville SC for the primary genre we are in, which is  “Country”! (Even though we play a wide variety of music from many genres, we had to pick ONE specific category, and opted for country).

If we were in the “Rock” category, we would be 3rd. Out of the over 2000 bands you will see in all categories if you browse the charts for Greenville, TDB is 16th.

In my opinion that’s an amazing thing, especially when you consider that there are incredible bands and musicians here in the Upstate!

Go check out the talent on ReverbNation. You can kill a few hours just browsing or searching for more specific things. Musical acts generally have photos and recordings posted. I found one guy who could be the best bass player in the world on there, and some mind-boggling guitar players too. It’s kind of addictive!

Thank you for playing our songs and friending us on ReverbNation, and especially for sharing our links on facebook and twitter!

John M. Hoyt – TDB Bass Player

UPDATE: The Dockside Band is no more… But, for a fun and funky, dance and party band for your Upstate area event, be sure to check out the new HOT AS A PEPPER site!

You’ve helped The Dockside Band become #4 in the charts – THANK YOU!

A popular music connection site is ReverbNation, where tons of bands from all over the world go to showcase their talent. They post pictures, videos and audio recordings of themselves, and connect with people just like you would on Facebook.

We created a profile, uploaded one of our original songs, not even a studio recording but a live recording of us performing at an outdoor event (the grand opening of Palmetto Moonshine in Anderson).

Between our ReverbNation connections, facebook and twitter, we’ve gotten a number of views, and a lot of positive input.

If you have not given the Carolina beach tune, “Carolina Baby” a listen – you can do so here:

Share it with your friends, and help us keep our spot on the charts.  Your help is what keeps us booked steadily and we appreciate it greatly!

If you are a bar or club, or maybe an event coordinator for festivals, weddings, etc, looking for live entertainment in the Greenville and Upstate area of South Carolina, please consider us!

UPDATE: The Dockside Band is no more… But, for a fun and funky, dance and party band for your Upstate area event, be sure to check out the new HOT AS A PEPPER site!