Enrollment Agreement Number

Make sure you have a company agreement, look for one of these numbers 6565792, 5296992, 3325596, 4965437, 4526017 or the Internet that suits you. Proceed to the Microsoft license node we already know, where you select Install CALs this time and click Next. Fill in the fields marked with (*), the same data as the first time. Enter the license server ID, select the Enterprise agreement as the licensing program (otherwise you will not get a license). After activation, the terminal server license server is used to store terminal server CALs. Until the activation process is complete, the terminal server`s license server can issue temporary licenses to clients that allow them to use terminal servers 120 days after the date of the first connection. After this period, the terminal server refuses to connect until it recognizes the terminal server`s license server to issue licenses for clients. and click Next, then indicate in which product this number applies to a person: either an account or a computer: and click Next, select the box to restart automatically after installing the server (system) roll: Automatically restart the destination server if necessary, reinstall. Set Remote Licensing Mode edition. In the Specify the licensing mode for the RD Session Host server to the value of Each Device or Pro User field, based on the installed licenses. In the Licenses box, select a different agreement. Thank you to all those who thank the author for his practical indications with small donations. Sincerely, Ollo Alexander aka ekzorchik.

and click Next, Next – then cociez the necessary services for the future terminal server, in my case I need: ——- message was useful? The Useful Message button is just below…

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