Afscme Local 199 Bargaining Agreement

For a list of job rankings by collective agreement, choose the corresponding union: “This contract has been a long time coming, but hard work has paid off with a strong contract for our members and the most transparent process we have seen for every union contract in institutional history in 199,” Brown said. We kept our members informed and engaged with regular updates via email, text, social media and youTube videos that explained the negotiation process step by step.┬áThe agreement provides, among other things, workers in Florida`s most populous county with increased job protection; a cost-of-living adjustment of 2%, with 1% retroactivity; twice as much as $70 for each employee in the rate unit; A one-time allowance for some workers Extended pay scales for many employees; and more. In addition to the high turnout in the elections, Local President 199 and AFSCME International Vice-President CeeCee Brown reported that the institutions had 288 members in the week before ratification and voting day. The Department of Employees and Labor Relations plans, directs, develops and coordinates the negotiation and management of all collective agreements in the county in accordance with Florida laws. Job Classifications by Collective Bargaining Agreement On January 17, members of Local 199 (AFSCME Florida) gave a record 2,325 votes and approved the contract at 2,316-9. (Completed cards can be given to a local steward, local 199 or by mail at the office) On Monday, June 29, AFSCME Local 199 was informed that the Clerk of Courts had a budget deficit of more than $9 million and that this deficit would result in approximately 107 layoffs and furloughs for all of our 2,000 Clerk of Court employees in Miami-Dade County. On July 2, Local 199 held a zoom meeting to discuss our options and develop an action plan to avoid these changes and remind the county of the value of our dedicated collaborators. Although our duties are very different, we are all public servants. We keep our neighbourhoods safe and functional. At the national level, AFSCME members provide the essential services that America provides to the world. With members in hundreds of different professions – from nurses to prison officers, child care and plumbers – AFSCME is committed to fair work, excellence in the public service and prosperity and opportunities for all working families. While workers have the freedom to come together in strong unions, entire communities benefit. Unions give everyday workers the power in numbers they need to make their communities safer and stronger, and they are essential to solving an economy that has been manipulated in favor of the rich and powerful.

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